Home cooked spaghetti

Lazy to cook dinner? Here is a quick and cheap dinner for you to try.

No. of Pax: 5

  • A packet of San Remo Instant Spaghetti
  • 500gm of Raguletto Pasta Sauce with herbs and red wine (you can choose other flavour)
  • Mince beef meat
  • Basil leaves
  • 2 pieces of bay leaves
  • Salt
  • A tablespoon of cooking oil
  • Big onion (bawang bakong)
  • A cup of Kimball chilli sauce
  • A cup of water
  • Black pepper
  • White pepper


Tanggar ka ai lalu nganti iya melidih. Rendam spaghetti nya tadi dalam ai angat datai ke iya lembut. Pama udah lembut, tus spaghetti nya tadi datai ka nadai ai agi.

Campur spaghetti ka udah lembut nya tadi enggau minyak makai serta daun basil mimit.

Diatu kitai nyendiaka sos spaghetti. Rebus pasta Reguletto enggau sos chabi Kimball, dagin ke udah ditencang, 2 keping daun bay, bawang bakong diketak mit, lada celum mimit, lada burak mimit serta tambah ai kira secawan. Rebus datai ka iya melidih.

Nama agi dianti? mum mum lah!

Sugar Bun, Merdeka Mall outlet

It has been a long time since I patronise Sugar Bun. But yesterday, my kids insist of having dinner at Sugar Bun, Merdeka Mall outlet. We decided to choose Sugar Bun instead of Chicago.7

Here are some pics and my opinion follows.

The fried chicken was fantastic! Haven’t taste it this good since my college years (when Sugar Bun opened its Pelita Tunku outlet). I must say “Good Bye” to KFC at the Jalan Bendahara.

Another menu that you must try is the Spagetti Bolognes. Its taste is absolutely home cooking, less the red wine (of course for its halal status)!

On the interior deco, the color is pleasant for family dining. Touch of grey, white and its trademark color of red, creates a warm atmosphere.

The washing basin is easily located. No flies (hahahaaa.. I had a bad experience with flies at a fast food outlet at Emart Miri).

JAMESJG.COM hopes the management and kitchen staff maintain the taste and quality of their food. And, yes… they serve Coke here hahahaaaa… (No to PEPSi!!!)

Here are some portrait shots, taken using SONY DT 1.8/50 SAM lens.


Facebook friends in Sibu

I managed to get hold of an old classmate and fellow Facebook friends while on an overnight trip to Sibu recently.  Of course, I won’t wanna miss the great Foochow cuisine. Pork and duck! Roasted roasted roasted, tasty, just salty enough for a few rounds of greenman. Located at Jalan Pedada, the corner coffeeshop serves one of the best roasted pork in Sibu.

RM10 per serving - Roasted Pork
RM10 per serving - Roasted 5 Spices Duck