The useful role of blogs

I would like to thank Ace Si Si and Audie Chua for highlight my blog in the Over a Cup of Kopi O column of the Sunday Post on 20th July 2008. You may download the full scanned article (in JPEG format).

I hope to contribute more towards the community through the blog.

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What happened to those that didn’t resist?

It is indeed rare to read news article that concern the Baram MP, Datuk Jacob Dunggau Sagan. We actually can count the numbers and as usual it is a clear indication that the election is coming soon and Datuk Sagan may need to defend his seat, given the green light from the party HQ and the recent endorsement at their AGM in Bintulu recently.

It is almost equal to none, if we ever hear this MP rise up any issues or enquiries in Parliament. Nevermind that, but as what I have read in the Star Metro’s article on what was the cause of the delays of approved government projects in Baram (Sarawak).

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