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Rh. Ngumbang fresh prawn

We took the day off and drive to Rh. Ngumbang in Sepupok to buy some fresh prawn. The bigger prawn are sold for RM30/kg. The longhouse is located just before the Batang Suai Bridge (if you are travelling from Miri). You can also rent their boat if you intend to go fishing along the Suai River.

Here are some photos of the day.

These prawn didn’t make it home.. and we asked the cook at Niah junction to cook it for us. Ahh.. fresh prawn and Carlsberg!

PM’s political secretary to visit Sepupok

Here is the latest update on my posting regarding the water woes faced by Sepupok community in Bekenu.

Comment extract from Facebook

Lukanisman Awang Sauni
Otw… otw f*c.k mala jak otw! Mrs Sudan izzit respond from Jabatan Pelajaran Miri?

Mr James : FYI Datuk Shafe Abdullah Polsec to PM akan datang ke Miri most probably next week..i hope D.O Miri boleh brief polsec projek yang diperlukan untuk kawasan sibuti! then Datuk Shahlan also Polsec to PM will come to Sibuti on 28 Mac. Skim Sepupok & Saeh dah masuk dalam list lawatan yang saya cadangkan :)

Read the official reply from the Ministry of Education in Putrajaya here. Psstt.., the 10th Sarawak state election may be held in September or October this year.

Read the Borneo Post report: