Forty Six


Thank you friends for your greetings and wishes. My apologies for not being able to rely personally to you, and I hope this blog post shall capture everyone that have posted and “like” on my timeline.

This special birthday post goes to —

YB See Chee How, Mayor Lai, Sudan Ajang, Peter Saban, Ephrem Miche, Murphy Hillary, Edward Andrew Luak, Chang Yi, Jacqueline Selaka, Lucas Jalong Bato, Beatrice Luma Ding, Jonathan Fam, Andrew Lim, Mansor Mahdar, Moktar Ree, Jane Barandi, Henry Ling, Qistine Peter, Jenny Jeli, Awangku Rattman, William NyipaEnsing Jara, Betty Pan, Bintang Megamall, Keroana Qunna, Noraini Husaini, Jacquez JD, Pauline Manjah, Pandang Semat, Joseph Richard Pahang, Mervyn Tajem, Gendang Gindien, Nuil Buri, Rose Mason, Scott Demong Liman, Gwendoline Meling, Ahlan Tan, Francis Kanyan, Wan Abdillah Edruce, RB Salleh, Christopher Danan, Cassidy Morris, Sophia Karen Bakon, Ellison Silo, Persatuan Peniaga Miri, Desmond Davidson, Tr. Rose Sulan Ganing, Liza Bajik, Irene Ragai, Veronica James, Tonny Thomas, Rom Leopard, Mummies Bibieana, Karambir Singh, Eugene John Sikie, Robert Angkah, Nawai Aton, Jacqueline David Impi, Sheera Lestari Cyrill Leong, Pierce Wong, Elena Wee, William Bakir, Evelyn Julian, Louis Jampi, Spril Blangkat, Elizabeth Simba, Angelia Kolin Kobit, Johnny Teleson, Josephine Dindat, Aement Tom, Nicholas Ajan, Baning Pandang, Bill Kayong, Lily John, Rolend Tama, Seli Mohamat, Nancy E. Yaw, Ranny Tawi, Agnes Nani, Cecilia Nyipa, Winston Rajit Beriak, Alvin Thomas, Brain Ningkan, Umang Jenny, Unjil Edward Tawi, Amin Aaron Cheam, Clement Hillary, Peter Bisop, Mabel Olivia Brain, Christhe Mansom, Julia Juwen, Willoveina Umpie, Papa Twin, Bobby Dickson Forster Sadi, Andrew Benidictus, Josh Lim, Stephen Dass, Jang Leonard, Margaret Sulia, Clare Chan, Alah Sugara, Ronnie Nelson Kadir, Kungee ak Sandhu, Dariel Jamit, Lises Awet, Iden Pasang, Patrick Sibat Sujang, Chambai Lindong, Bon Dewa Badai, Banyi Beriak, Jaya Ramba, Amanda Bie, Benedict Blaki, Steve Singkin Sini, Minggu Lipa, Doris Ugap Duncan, Dennis Wong, Henry Julis, Dixon Saga, Edwin Jambol Radin, Frida Howell, Stanley Beti,

Thank you to my mom for her lovely prayer this evening, my dad, brothers – Augustine, Roland, sister Wilhelminia and family in Calvert, Texas, sister-in-law Calvina and mom, John Kamar, Charles Gana and Cheryl Empenai for their company.




A happy birthday to my mother-in-law who also share the same birth day with me. She’s 68 years old this year. Blessing of good health to her.

Most importantly, a big hug to darling Chak Lut for the cake and dinner and most of all her presence for the last 21 years together in marriage.

Have a great year ahead!

Foodie trip to Singapore

Flight Airasia AK6066 Airbus A320-200

31ST AUGUST, cruising at 34,000 ft across the South China Sea

I made a foodie trip to Singapore with my wife during the National Day break last week. We check-in earlier via Airasia’s website which also includes check-in for our return flight, hence, leaving the worries of rushing to the airport and/or looking for a printer to print my boarding pass. All I need to do now is to concentrate on the chilli crab, Singapore roaster pork rice, iced kacang, the Merlion and etc etc.

The boarding procedure at Miri Airport was a smooth one despite of the fact that it was a full flight. The passengers were mostly holiday makers, just like me.

The flight onboard Airasia’s AK6066 was a smooth one. The seats are spacey and comfortable. Most importantly, the take-off was extraordinary quiet and with little vibration! I have travelled in many Airasia domestic flights, and it was a scary experience to heavy vibration and hearing squeaky noises coming out from the aircraft. Maybe this Airbus A320-200 is a new one, powered by new mega quiet engines.

Onboard the aircraft, the interior is clean, and for this flight, you won’t get that misty air-conditioning feeling.

Piloted by Capt. Albert Chew, we arrived 10 mins ahead of schedule at 1145hours at Changi International Airport, Singapore.

Immigration counters at Terminal 1

Just a quick note on departure from Singapore: If you have check-in earlier and printed your boarding pass, and your boarding pass do not include the gate for your departure, please go straight to the “Document Check” counter to verify your boarding pass.

We decided to take the bus to Costa Sands Resort, since its just nearby. Cost us SGD1.30 only. Bus is clean, as well as the bus stop. Not a single rubbish is seen on the floor!

Clean bus stop at Singapore Changi Airport.
Bus ride to Costa Sands Resort.

Foodie to follow later… off to bed for now ;)