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DOS Attack

Extract of the email from the provider below.

The problem with DDOS attacks as opposed to a DOS attack is that its distributed, meaning that several servers are used from all over the world to attack rather then just one point. This was quite large attack from quite a few diverse ips and well in excess of 100M which your system is up-linked at. Our network administrators will release the ip once the believe the situation has been evaluated and the threat to the network is reduced or eliminated. I will see this is brought back on line as soon as possible. DDOS attacks are considered network abuse and while we release you may have done nothing to invoke this is still a concern and given the account history we have to be certain this is not going to be a reoccurring event. We will let you know when this is available again, please accept our apologise for any inconvenience. We appreciate your understand of both sides of the matter.

Best Regards,

Steve Minter

My latest piece of mind:

This morning we haven’t get the clearance for release of IP from the VPS hosting provider. While, we have to see that the portal must continue to run and serve the Dayak community, we’ll proceed to register with another hosting company.

So much resources and money have been spent this few days and why would anyone among us wants to launch a DOS attack? If the matter continues, I do not see why I should continue to spend the contributors and my own fund and to make the attacker happy.



Posted earlier last week:

We managed to migrate the portal to its new home – our very own Virtual Private Server. Its a new experience to us and it is certainly not easy.

After getting it all up and running since two days ago, we got our first cyber attack early today!  The VPS hosting company website is also down and we can’t access the VPS at 9.11 am today.

Upon checking, we are being assure of a DDOS Shield on the other end and at 11.07 am earlier, we received confirmation about the attack.

Truly a new experience… and on the other hand, who would want to launch a DOS attack on our friendly portal?

Service Interruption at

No, it is not of any billing matters :D

The slight ‘suspension’ is due to our high traffic and extraordinary high volume of queries to the server. When this happen, the server need more resources (those that you see in your Windows Tasks Manager under processes – Alt+Ctrl+Del).

And, currently I am using a Shared Hosting package which seem to be no longer be able to handle the growing portal. To solve this issue and to give a better service to the community, I decided to migrate the portal to a new hosting and to subscribe to a Virtual Private Server hosting package – where the only thing that is not allow is for me to host an IRC service.