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SPDP grassroots want an aggressive Mawan

Photo by The Borneo Post
Photo by The Borneo Post

Ministry’s process of selecting local councillors draws ire from SPDP supporters

by stephen then
Source: The Star online

MIRI: There is a simmering discontent among certain sections of Barisan Nasional component party supporters in many districts over the latest appointment of councillors.

Almost all of the proposed candidates from SPDP and even SUPP were rejected by the Local Government and Community Development Ministry, causing unhappiness among the grassroots.

Party loyalists felt that they were getting a raw deal from the state government and from minister Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh, inside sources revealed to The Star.

SUPP leaders are keeping their feelings in check, and are not venting their frustrations openly because of the more serious deregistration predicament that the party is facing with the Registrar of Societies.

However, SPDP leaders are not holding back their punches, with SPDP deputy president Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing openly attacking Wong for the way his ministry had gone about the selection process.

The Star called up Marudi SPDP chief Alexander Asing (pic), and he claimed that there were many frustrated supporters all over Sarawak, not just in Marudi.

“Yes, they are angry. They have a right to be angry. All of the candidates for councillors proposed by SPDP were rejected outright by the ministry.

“The grassroots are questioning why SPDP is getting such a raw deal.

“What happened is an insult to those who have been loyal and faithful to Barisan all these years,” he said.

Asing said all the councillor posts had gone to those who were proposed by the Group of Five (G5), the four assemblyman and one MP sacked by SPDP two years ago.

“These G5 wakil rakyat are no longer with Barisan. They have been sacked and yet their candidates ended up as councillors.

“The quota of councillors allotted to SPDP had been hijacked by G5.

“In those constituencies where G5 is based, SPDP got zero councillors this time around,” he said.

“SPDP grassroots feel insulted that minister Wong had said that incumbent assemblymen and MPs were given priority, to propose their candidates for the posts.

“If that is the real case, then those incumbent assemblymen and MPs from the Opposition should also be given priority to propose their candidates.

“What minister Wong said does not hold water and the rakyat know this. The appointment of the councillors this time around smacks of political manoeuvring,” said Asing.

SPDP grassroots were also questioning why party president Tan Sri William Mawan had been ‘soft’ in this issue.

Asing said they wanted to see Mawan more aggressive when it came to fighting for the interests of the party.

Tiong reiterates his disappointment

Date Posted : Tuesday 04-Feb-2014


tksBINTULU: Member of Parliament for Bintulu Dato’ Seri Tiong King Sing has expressed his disappointment that his earlier opinions on the appointment of local councillors and community leaders were merely treated as an allegation by the minister concerned.

Yesterday, he reiterated his earlier press statement at the Miri BN fellowship night organised by the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) was to voice out numerous views over the appointment.

He said certain leaders had failed to heed the long neglected grouses and still losing their sensitivity even after losing most the Chinese majority seats in state and general elections.

He said the state BN component parties were allocated quota to nominate their candidacies for such councillor and community leader posts through the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, but yet such posts were retained by non-BN component assemblymen, like in the constituencies held by former SPDP assemblymen.

Tiong regretted that minister concerned had instead pushed such responsibility to the Chief Minister, State Cabinet and SPDP president.

“We cannot tolerate our party president being the scapegoat for the matter,” he said, adding that the other state leaders had been indirectly blamed because one of them failed to fulfil his conferred duties in fair and justice manner.

“Please bear in mind that if one tries to create all sorts of problem in other house, he must not regret or be angry if others do the same thing to him the next time around,” he stressed.

Tiong said the issues of appointment of councillors and community leaders had long been an underground issue,??he challenged the ministry concerned to carry out public census on how people in Sibu felt over the appointment of the deputy chairman of Sibu Municipal Council.

“To voice out these people’s opinion, I am not fighting for my own political mileage, nor do I have any interest to be appointed as community leaders or a councillor,” he said, adding that most of the eligible and recommended candidates from Bintulu constituency were not appointed.

He said this phenomenon had been prolonged for the past six to seven years, and inquired what had happened to the quota for the appointees recommended by the state BN component.