The first city in Malaysia to have LED street lightings

Our mayor, En. Lawrence Lai announce today that Miri city will be the first city in Malaysia to have all its street lighting powered by LED bulbs. LED bulbs are proven to save our electricity bills by 60%. FYI, Miri’s street lightings electricity bill run up to RM7million per year.

He said that during his ‘Thank You’ speech after being installed as the Datuk Bandar for Miri City for the second term.

No plastic
It will be a No-Plastic day everyday in major supermarkets in Miri with effect from 1st May 2010. Miri first started its green campaign with no-plastic day on Sundays. It then followed by no-plastic on Saturdays and Sundays. Currently, shoppers in Miri are having no-plastic day for three consecutive days from Fridays till Sundays.

What does that mean? Well, when you shop in Miri on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please bring your own bag. The major supermarkets will not provide any plastic to wrap your shopping items. And, beginning 1st May 2010, please bring your own bag every time you go shopping!

Residential Committee
Miri is also the first local council in Sarawak to have a Residential Committee (RC). The RC ranked fourth in the country’s administrative tier. First is the Federal office, State offices, the Councillors and then the Residential Committees.

What do this Residential Committee do?
The RC acts as a communication mechanism between the Councillors, the City Council and the people. With the members residing in every corner of Miri city, it is and will be much easier for the people to communicate their problems to the City Council. And, it will be much faster for the Council to respond to the people’s request. So, if you are reading this and if you are residing in Miri, and if you do not know how to get in touch with the Council and the Mayor, let me know.. I will be very happy to assist you and to help find a suitable and viable solution to your problem.

How big is the problem?
Aiyaaa.. be practical la! If you are talking about major road construction, major traffic congestion, then that’ll be a State matter. But, if you are talking about blocked drainage, rubbish not collected, or small potholes in front of your house, ahhh.. that one, we can help.

Our Ikrar Jawatankuasa Penduduk (Residential Committee)

Bahawa kami
Warga Bandaraya Miri dengan ini melafazkan
komitmen dan dedikasi untuk bersama-sama memberikan
sumbangan sukarela ke arah
kemajuan holistik Bandaraya Miri sebagai sebuah Bandaraya
Peranginan yang mampan

Kami berikrar
Sentiasa memperbaiki perkhidmatan sukarela
yang berkualiti dengan kerjasama berpasukan
yag tinggi bagi mencapai objektif dan fungsi Jawatankuasa Penduduk
dengan jayanya

Note: More photos to follow.

2 thoughts on “The first city in Malaysia to have LED street lightings”

  1. Here’s what will happen when they remove plastic bags: people will still go out to buy plastic bags to put their trash in, and we still end up with plastic bags in landfills.

    Major inconvenience to everyone, but problem not fully solved.

    In order for less trash, they should start at the top; the manufacturers should use less packaging.

    Please read my article on my link on why this is campaign is flawed, and how to resolve it.

  2. Dear Mayor,
    I strongly agree every city council in Malaysia needs to save their street lighting bills. With your bill at RM 7 million a year, a saving of 60% means you save RM 4.2 million a year and it becomes an income which you can put into many uses. LED is good for instrumentation, signage, automotive, aviation, decorative, television, computer and emergency lighting but LED is not the best solution when high light levels are needed. We can see from the picture the LED looks bright but little light being shown on the group and the car is not lighted at all. Most commercial LED luminaires are rated fot 50,000 hour life, but their light output drops off after only 10,000 hours of operation and degrades a significant 20% after 20,000 hours. To promote LED as a “”green”” environmentally friendly light source without mercury content, the LED manufacturing process involve high toxic substances which poses an ecological problem as LED circuit boards contain hazardous materials difficult to recycle.
    LEP, officially known as Light Emitting Plasma is the new wave of technology providing the best street lighting solution.
    Plasma lighting technologies proven superior to LED for street lighting and high lumen applications.
    Plasma deliver 60% energy saving, efficiency as high as 115 lumens per watt at the source, exceptional colour rated as high as 95 CRI and 50,000 hour lamp life.
    A Plasma luminaire utilizes a single pea size electrodeless quartz lamp and a solid state power amplifier (driver). The driver generates RF (radio frequency) energy to create the plasma light source with a tremendous 23,000 lumens of brilliant white light with beautiful colour as high as 95 CRI.
    This plasma lumen output from a single small lamp far exceeds a typical LED luminaire that requires numerous light emitting sources.
    We have installed some Plasma streeting lightings in Kuching. We are able to install sample Plasma street lightings in Miri for Mayor to compare with any other streeting lighting.
    I look forward for whole Malaysia cities councils to have their present street luminaires to be change to Plasma lighting.
    Together, we light up Malaysia beautifully with 60% saving in your electricity bill.
    For more information, please do feel free to contact me, my email address is Phone is +6 012 8834466

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