Dayak Bloggers to meet in Kuching

The idea of organising a bloggers’ gathering first popped out when I was in Kuching early this year for a business meeting. The idea was to organise a bigger gathering than those I have organised before and this time we extend the invitation to all Dayak bloggers free-of-charge! Yalaarrr.. FOC! Dinner, beer and entertainment included..

It will be good to meet the bloggers in real life and get to know one another better. I have been a fan of responsible blogging – means we have to be responsible for what we post online. Being responsible will reduce fictitious articles and other defamatory issues.

The Venue

For the time being, we haven’t decide on which hotel to use since our favourite venue – Kuching Park Hotel is fully booked on the 27th and 28th of June for some wedding.

We will announce the venue details soonest we get it from our blogger friends in Kuching.

At the point of writing this post, I have received confirmation of bloggers from Bintulu that are interested to join us.. Are you a Dayak who owns a blog, or a portal, or just a member of any Dayak-based forum? If you are, then this is the golden opportunity for us to meet up.. and err… we can’t afford to pay for you to come to Kuching, tho’!

Utusan Borneo Karaoke Finalist

The finalist of the recent UB Karaoke Competition will be invited to perform during this gathering. It is also a way for the bloggers to show their appreciation to the well executed competition lead by event manager, Mr. Mervyn Minin Tajem or better known as Vynne in the cyber community. Mervyn owns and runs the online radio and soon the first Iban TV online.

For futher details on this event, please email us at

One thought on “Dayak Bloggers to meet in Kuching”

  1. Well, good idea for collecting all Dayak’s blogger in Kuching. So We are from Kalimantan Barat should like to follow the programm if you invite us to come and joint with the Dayak Blogger Forum. This means to include and make so many information of Dayak in Borneo to some others, so we know what happened one side to the onother side world of Dayak.
    We just wait for your invitation for the next year on 2011.
    Call phone number: +6181345326557

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