Fuel price still high in rural Sarawak


1. In August 2008, Datuk Patinggi Jabu announce a few million to lower down the price of fuel in rural Baram. Most of the allocation was used to transport diesel to rural Baram. No report on its effectiveness were published.

2. In February 2009, Datuk Shahril announced that the fuel price will be standardised throughout Sarawak. Another event was organised in Batang Ai during the by-election to further stamped the effort of the government to lower the price of fuel in the rural areas.

3. Yesterday, the Star reported that rural Sarawak is still paying a high price for fuel!

4. Today, the Borneo Post reported that officers from the Resident and District Offices will be going upstream to register names (again?).

The plead of the rural Baram on their hardship due to the recent flood also seem to be swept underneath the carpet.

If no one bark them up, they will not move! Susah susah!

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